Stem cell laboratory

We offer the full range of embryonic stem cell based transgenesis from designing targeting vectors to germline transmission in an SPF Environment in C57Bl/6 or other desired genetic background.

  • Targeting Construct Design: Gene Knock-Outs, Transgenic Vectors
  • Genotyping Assay and Screening Strategy Development
  • Production of Transgenic and Gene-Targeted (Knock-Outs, Knock-Ins) Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
  • Generating Chimeric Mice from Targeted Embryonic Stem Cells by Blastocyst Microinjection or Aggregation
  • Breeding Test for Germline Transmission
  • Production of pluripotent cell lines (ES, iPS, EpiSC) in various species(mouse, rabbit,rat, human)with novel technologies

You have no time to wait for backcrossing generations from 129 cells? We offer C57Bl/6 ES cell lines for targeting and we can derive novel ES cell lines from inbread, outbread and mutant mouse strains most suitable for your specific goals

We offer in vitro Cell Based Assays and Tests From Knock-Out or Transgenic Stem Cell Lines, We can Differentiate Your Desired Cell Type

  • Tetraploid Complementation Assay - the Ultimate Test of in vivo Developmental Potential of Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
  • Differentiation of stem cell lines towards multiple lineages/tissues (e.g. cardiac, neural)
  • Marker analysis of cell lines or pre-implantational embryos
  • Immunohistochemical (IHC; fluorescent or conventional) characterization of wild type and genetically modified (mutant) whole mount embryos (WMIHC), cell lines, tissue or embryonic sections (recognizing antigen in fixed tissue sections)
  • High-throughput differentiation in STLV (slow turning lateral vessel) system and pharmacological tests with stem cell-derived cardiac or neural cells