Molecular Biology

We offer Sophisticated Molecular Biology Supporting Services

  • Creation of vector constructs for your research purposes, perform diagnostic PCRs and RT-PCRs even from a large number of samples and/or for numerous genes.
  • Transgenic and Viral Vector Construction
  • High Capacity Plate-PCRs
  • RT-PCRs

Automated Robotic High-Throughput Real-Time PCR Platform Technology for sensitive screening of selected targets from your samples in the well-equipped laboratories of BioTalentum Ltd.


  • Cutting-edge lab-equipment: Qiagen QIAgility pipetting robot with high-throughput real-time PCR system
  • Gene Expression Studies, even from a Single Cell
  • Copy-number Measurements
  • SNP Analysis
  • Professional Real-Time PCR Primer Design for the Desired Sequence

Detailed Epigenetic Analysis of the Genes of Your Interest: Cell lines, tissue samples and even single embryos (morula-blastocyst) are commonly studied at BioTalentum Ltd by bisulphite-sequencing method. This method allows identification of methylated citozines in the promoter regions of the genes, therefore not only the average extent of methylation, but the exact pattern can be identified.

Recombinant Protein Technology and Protein Analysis in a mammalian expression system which allows stable production of proteins for various research applications.


  • Plasmid Construction with the Gene of Interest
  • Selection and Cloning of the Transfected Cell Population to Generate Stable Lines
  • Validation by Expressional Analysis: Gene & Protein Profiling (Q-PCR, WB, ELISA)
  • Cell Line Expansion and Cell Banking (Mycoplasma free tested)
  • Frozen Stocks