Our expertise, tools and technologies support the work of academic and pharmaceutical partners to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine-based research and drug discovery in order to bring new and better medicines to the market.

BioTalentum Ltd. provides the following scientific services for its partners:

Wide Range of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Technologies

  • Generation of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from patient samples
  • Directed differentiation of stem cells into neuronal, cardiac and cartilage cells for drug testing and research
  • Human stem-cell based regenerative medicine pre-clinical tests in rodent models
  • Production of pluripotent cell lines (ES, iPS) from laboratory animals (mouse, rabbit) with novel technologies
  • Production of transgenic and gene-targeted reporter cell lines (knock-out, knock-in)
  • Cell-based assays for small molecule screening (drug, discovery, toxicity)
  • Marker analysis of cell lines
  • Cancer stem cell lines


State-Of-The-Art Molecular Biology Services

  • Targeting Construct Design: gene knock-outs, transgenic vectors
  • TALEN technology
  • Genotyping assays and screening
  • Validation by gene & protein expression analysis
  • Automated robotic high-throughput Real-Time PCR platform
  • Bioinformatics


Full Transgenic and Knock-Out Mouse Generation Services with State-Of-The-Art Cryopreservation Technologies in SPF Conditions

  • Generation of transgenic mice (including TALEN method)
  • Generation of mice from targeted Embryonic Stem (ES) cells including C57Bl/6 genetic background
  • Cryopreservation and long-term storage
  • Recovery & rederivation of pathogen-free mouse strains
  • Tagging, tailing, genotyping
  • Superior colony management in a specific pathogen-free (SPF) environment
  • Production of preimplantation embryos
  • Mouse embryo toxicity tests

With its extensive ten-years experience, BioTalentum Ltd. is offering a full range of professional project management services, in proposal writing, support of submission and contract negotiation process, with a special emphasis on H2020 Program and Hungarian national calls.