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Title: Resolve Chronic Inflammation and Achieve Healthy Aging by Understanding Non-regenerative Repair

EU FP7 Large Scale Collaborative project
Participant's number: 14
Role: Scientific Partner
Project number: FP7-HEALTH-F4-2008-202047
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Objectives: RESOLVE's major objective is to identify and characterize validated molecular targets capable of shifting primary organ repair towards fibroproliferative wound healing as a result of an age-dependent loss of regulatory capacities. Using a structured sequence of animal and human disease model systems RESOLVE enables us to identify relevant molecular targets specific for aberrant fibroproliferative repair, and to separate them from those connected to regular organ repair. This approach is both functional, disease-oriented and allows for the assessment of age-dependent and genetic mechanisms. Newly defined targets can serve as the basis for the generation of transgenic animals that may be used as highly valuable test systems for future treatment options of fibroproliferative repair. Studies allowing for the interference with these targets will validate those gene functions relevant to fibroproliferative wound healing which will be used for the first diagnostic tool for fibroproliferative wound healing. Those biological or (possibly) chemical compounds effectively interfering in both the transgenic and the animal models will be listed as potential targets for pharmacological development.

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