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Title: High resolution tools to understand the functional role of protein intrinsic disorder

Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN)
Participant's number: 7
Role: Partner
Project number: PITN-GA-2010-264257
Project website: under construction

Objectives: Recent evidence showing how the lack of a stable three dimensional structure may provide functional advantages for a protein is challenging those well established, basic concepts in structural biology contained in current textbooks. In order to characterize the highly dynamic nature of intrinsically disordered proteins, new integrated, multidisciplinary approaches combining a variety of experimental and computation techniques are needed. In this frame, NMR is in a unique position for the study of the structural and dynamic properties at atomic resolution in systems as complex as whole cells - provided methods are further developed and properly interfaced with complementary techniques. It is increasingly evident that the elucidation of the functional role of intrinsically disordered protein states plays an important part in the understanding of the processes at the basis of life and disease and this will have a significant impact in biomedics and in the design of new drugs.
The purpose behind the birth of our network is to rise a new generation of young researchers and help them develop the necessary skills to face the challenges in this emerging area of research.

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