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Title: In vitro neural tissue system for replacement of transgenic animals with memory / learning deficiencies

EU FP6 Specific Targeted Research Project – SME
Participant's number: 11
Role: Scientific partner
Project Number: LSHM-CT-2007-037862
Project website:

Objectives: The goal of the project is to develop an in vitro system of neural tissue based on embryonic stem cells differentiation inside biomaterials. This system exhibits the neural tissue property of the memory acquisition and learning. Memory acquisition and learning were studied until now only in animal experiments. We also would like to evaluate the system for the following applications in order to replace the animal experiment:
1. Transgenics: Applying the in vitro system for the generation of transgenic neural tissue with memory/learning deficiencies.
2. Neurotoxicity: Applying the in vitro system for integrative neurotoxicity tests with behavioral-like (memory/learning) end points. The means to achieve this operational goal include the design of specific tests in the in vitro system with chemicals. The chemicals will be chosen based on literature information for their neurotoxic effect on the memory.

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