Ongoing Projects Laszlo Kozma

Title: Generation of animal models for possible medical applications in EU projects

Project number: OMFB-01220/2006

Objectives: The László Kozma Program of the National Office of Research and Technology offers support to the employment of young researchers by the Hungarian SMEs. The goal of the project is to provide new human resources in support of two EU FP6 financed projects which started in 2006, by opening 5 new research positions.
The goals of the EU projects are the production of novel gene knock-out mouse and rat medical disease models, to develop further mouse embryonic stem cell technology and to train young scientists for these research areas. The present project is scientifically focused on applied research to develop mouse cryobiology and to provide the supporting technology for the new biotechnological methods of the two EU projects. Based on recent technical advances sperm, oocyte, embryo, embryonic stem- and somatic cell cryopreservation methods will be developed further aiming at the generation of market oriented technology. The long term goal of the project is to use the new know-how and patented technology in international settings and to provide technological services for human medical research teams and other potential user in agriculture and human clinical settings.

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