BioTalentum Ltd. has the pleasure of inviting you to the Yearly Open Workshop of the PartnErS ‘Comparative embryonic stem cell research in mammalians’ FP7 project, coordinated by the company, on the 25th. of September, 2012. to Budapest, Hungary. As there are 120 places to fill, please be aware, that the event is going to be held on the “first come – first served” basis. Please, register at The event is free of charge for the registered persons.




VENUE: Hotel Gellert, Budapest, 1111 Budapest Szent Gellért tér 1

8:30- Registration
8:50- 8:55 Welcome speech by Prof. Andras Dinnyes, Biotalentum Ltd., GödöllÅ‘, Hungary
8:55-9:15 Perspectives of Stem Cell Based Applications in Medicine and Pharma Industry/ Prof. Andras Dinnyes, BioTalentum Ltd, Hungary
9:15- 9:40 Pluripotent stem cells for cell therapy: challenges in expansion and safety/ Dr. Andre Choo, National University of Singapore, Singapore
9:40-10:05 Specialized media and reagents for tissues specific cells and derivatives of human pluripotent stem cells/ Dr. Sharon Louis, STEMCELL Technologies Inc., Canada
10:05-10:30 The role of FGF signaling in the formation of the epiblast / Dr. Bernard Roelen, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
10:30-10:55 Coffee break
10:55-11:20 Human and porcine pluripotent stem cells and neural differentiation
Prof. Poul Hyttel/ University Of Copenhagen, Denmark
11:20-11:45 Transgene-free human induced pluripotent stem cells from umbilical cord blood-derived cells: milestone for clinical applications / Dr. Ruttachuk Rungsiwiwut, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
11:45-12:10 Application of neural stem cells in brain diseases: what happens after transplantation? / Dr. Dinko Mitrecic, Croation Brain Council
12:10-12:35 Drug discovery using pluripotent stem cell derived systems/Dr. Sara Berzsenyi, BioTalentum, Hungary
12:35- 13:00 Identification of neuroactive and neurotoxic substances using pluripotent stem cell based assays/Prof. Karl-Heinz Krause, University of Geneva, Switzerland
13:00-15:00 Networking event: lunch