BioTalentum Ltd is an RTD research intensive SME established in 2005. BioTalentum is a leading technology provider in Central & Eastern Europe, working mostly on stem cell research and services, with a branch on H2020 project management and trainings. Scientific focus of BioTalentum is on medical and animal biotechnologies, recently specialized on stem cell research. The company’s mission is research and development of novel human cellular systems and animal models for biomedical research and drug testing, and to provide technical services for research teams and pharmaceutical industry.


What we do
Our services
We provide solutions to researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and academic sectors worldwide, including:

  • stem cell models,
  • transgenic cellular models and
  • transgenic animal models.

Our expertise, tools and technologies support the work of academic and pharmaceutical partners to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine-based research and drug discovery in order to bring new and better medicines to the market.


We participate in several research projects sponsored by the European Commission

The company is very active in European research, as BIOT was full research partner in four EU FP6 projects, while in FP7 we successfully participated in 17 projects, among which in 9 as scientific coordinator. In H2020 we are coordinator for the iNanoBIT project and participating in EU-ToxRisk, IN3, PurinesDX, CaSR Biomedicine; SciChallenge, NABBA, FetalMed-PhD and GROWTH as partner, or associated partner.

Consultancy, management services and trainings

From partner and grant search to Grant Agreement signature

  • Proposal writing/support in submission, and in the preparation phase: application profiling, proposal concept formation and partner search, with taking into account the content / format related application criteria.
  • Technical and administrative management of the grant preparation phase, financial support for the budget preparation;
  • Complete contract negotiation support (through intensive communication with all partners, preparation of scientific, administrative annexes, Consortium Agreement)

Coordination and administrative management of complete projects

  • Periodic and Final report preparation/submission;
  • Project progress monitoring;
  • Organization of project meetings/reviews/workshops)
  • Financial advisory services for reporting and for audit purposes

For full list of services please visit the webpage of our consulting branch: www.biotalentumconsulting.eu



Prof. Andras Dinnyes co-founder and general director of the company. He has been working on embryology, cryobiology, cloning and stem cell biology since 1985. He has been a Fulbright Scholar in the US in 1991-92 and worked at the University of Connecticut (US) for 1997-99. In 2000 he joined the cloning team in Roslin Institute (the ‘Dolly team’) as team leader. His team succeeded in the production of the first gene knock-out lamb, and the first cloned piglet in Europe. He was advisor for Geron Inc, US. In 2001 he has returned to Hungary, as a Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellow. He is member of the Stem Cell Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Medical Research Council Committee on Human Reproduction and board member of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association. The Molecular Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the Szent Istvan University, Hungary was established with his appointment as full professor. Furthermore, he is an invited professor at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He has an MBA-level degree in management and years of international experience in project and team management, and creation of industrial spin-offs via his role as co-founder and director of BioTalentum Ltd (www.biotalentum.eu). Prof. Dinnyes is member and advisor in several professional associations and society, and works as editor for the World Journal of Stem Cells and as Senior Editorial Board for the American Journal of Stem Cells. He was rewarded with the Gábor Dennis Innovation Award, Hungary in 2013.


Dr Julianna Kobolak is the Research Director of BioTalentum Ltd. She is graduated at the Agricultural University of Gödöllő (now SZIU) on the special faculty of biotechnology and molecular biology. After the university she joined to the reproductive biology and stem cell research group of the Agricultural Biotechnology Center (www.abc.hu) as a young researcher and PhD student. She defended her thesis in 2004. In parallel with her PhD studies she graduated as an economist and has a degree in international marketing (Budapest Business School). Dr. Kobolak’s research experience is connected to stem cell biology. She has worked for several years in establishing and differentiating embryonic and adult mouse stem cells focusing on pluripotency. Her aim was to define the differences between reprogrammed and fertilized embryo-derived stem cells at transcriptome level and in differentiation potential. Currently, she investigates the potential of human induced pluripotent stem cells in modelling and treating of human diseases e.g. Alzheimer’s and osteoarthritis. She was awarded with several prizes, including three EMBO fellowships (2002; 2006) and an ISSCR Travel Grant for Young Investigators in 2007.


Dr.Ildiko Nagy, director - HR, Finance, Business Development is a Teacher of Biology and Chemistry, who obtained PhD and post-doctoral trainings in Organic / Peptide Chemistry at Loránd Eötvös University, Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, with international fellowships in Spain and Germany. Following that her career continued in industry, in financial management. She gained Chartered Accountant and Management of Economical Informatics degrees at the College of Finance & Economy, Budapest, Hungary. Since 1999 Dr. Nagy fulfilled several multinational / European level finance / operational management positions leading up to 20-45 member teams at General Electric Plc., LLP Ltd. and HSBC. She has a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (one of the highest international project management qualification) from General Electric and 15+ years multinational level financial, business and scientific project management experience. Since 2007 as director of BioTalentum Ltd. she is responsible for the general management of the company (including European Commission Framework projects / Human Resource management, financial controlling and business development). She participated on several international training courses on Business Leadership, HR management, Business Development, IPR management and Commercialisation of research results. Dr. Nagy holds seven Scientific (among others Pre-Doctoral & Young Investigator Award of the Biochemical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry of United Kingdom and János Bolyai Research Fellowship Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and five Business Awards (GE Management & Spot Awards and GE Stock Options).

R&D staff


Postdoctoral fellows:

Anita Fehér, PhD Annamária Téglási (senior laboratory manager)
Kata Filkor, PhD Anita Islai (junior researcher)

Andrea Schnur, PhD

Mária Bódi-Jakus (junior researcher)
Zofia Janstova, PhD Réka Dudás (junior researcher)
 Melinda Zana, PhD Zsófia Csáky (junior researcher)    
Suchitra Polgári, PhD      
PhD students: Assistance:
Federica Lamberto (SZIU) Geta Rostásné Serbana
Linda Francistiova (SZIU)
Tamás Bellák (SZTE)  



Dinnyés András Publications
Consulting branch


BIOTALENTUM CONSULTING is the project and management support branch of Biotalentum Ltd. We believe that it’s time to share with you our 10 years of experience in EU FP6 and FP7 proposal submission, project execution and coordination.

Our aim is to support you through the entire project cycle, from partner search to the successful closure of the project, and even beyond – to the commercialization of the project results

Membership: Hungarian Biotechnology Association, Hungarian Association for Innovation, BioPharm Innovation Cluster, PharmacoFood Cluster